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New Classes Start EVERY Month

Group Classes Description

Our Group Classes are a great way to explore and learn volleyball fundamentals. It's lots of fun and instructors emphasize core aspects of the game. Learn how to pass, serve and move properly on the court.  It is perfect for those who are new, but also great for intermediate players too.  Classes are broken up by age/skill. Here are some highlights of the program:

  • Focus on volleyball fundamentals. 
  • Choose one, two or three classes per week.
  • Quality instructors that emphasize fun and learning.

Level 1:  is generally for players 8-12 years old either new to playing volleyball or with some city recreation center experiences. This class uses a lighter ball and lower net.

Level 2:  is generally for players 13-15,  who are new to playing volleyball and in some situations, 12-year-olds with more experience.  This class uses the standard net height and volleyball.

Level 3: is generally for high school players or advanced junior high. Classes use standard net height and volleyball. Typically we ask that players complete two sessions of Level 2, and have prior volleyball experience (like club or high school team). Players may also be admitted on coach approval.  

We use these ages and class levels as general guidelines,  yet allow parents/players to register for the class desired. If we feel there is a mismatch, one of the coaches will have a conversation with the parent/child. If you are unsure of which level to sign up, our coaches can help with evaluation and placement, or feel free to contact Ignite admin. 

COST: Class fees are for the entire session. New classes begin each month. Some months have more classes so the fees will be slightly higher. 

  • Level 1: $125-$165  (2 x per week); $50-75 (Sat)
  • Level 2: $140-$180 (2x per week); $65-95 (Sat)
  • Level 3: $150-$200 (2x per week); $75-$115 (Sat)

*class start date might fluctuate depending on calendar/holidays

Players may register for both mid-week and Saturday classes but cannot combine 1 mid-week and 1 Saturday.  If you are unable to register for a class it might be full. Please choose another day or email us for assistance or to be on the waitlist. 

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Cobra Volleyball

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Accredited Tax

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We encourage supporting local businesses like Accredited Tax, who in turn support the development of youth sports through non-profits like Ignite. To learn more visit their site or call 909.627.7007. 

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Become a sponsor

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Want to participate in your local community? Become a  sponsor for Ignite Volleyball Club & Foundation and support youth in your area.




Volleyball is a very popular and growing sport. There are over 450,000 high school players across the country. Many universities have added beach volley programs in the past 5 years. With over 1400 college programs, volleyball is a great sport to play at any age.


At Ignite we have multiple entry points to suit your needs. We offer group classes, summer camps, club volleyball and private/semi-private lessons. Seasonally we also provide free clinics for your child to checkout volleyball. 


Clinics and group classes are very easy to join with no prior volleyball experienced needed. Club teams vary from beginning to advanced. We have all levels and believe everyone can find their place at Ignite


Currently Ignite is partnering with a small village in Cameroon, Africa.  We have sent nets, shoes and sponsored player/teams to further volleyball around the world. 


Injuries happen from time to time. In volleyball injuries tend to be sprains or strains. On rare occasion and at high levels, concussions can occur, but it is rare. (Ignite does have a concussion protocol in place, in the unlikely event people collide or a hard driven ball strikes someone). 


Since volleyball is an athletic sport, fitness does play a factor. Eating healthy and staying in good physical condition will only improve one's chances at success. A number of players who started with Ignite have gotten into better shape playing the game, some dropping as much as 20 pounds. Our advanced teams condition 2 times per week and we are committed to the overall mental and physical development of our players.