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What's New for 2020-21

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Getting Better Every Year

Added benefits for the 2020-21 Club Season

At Ignite we don't believe in being static. Just like our players improve year after year, Ignite keeps getting better! Check out what we've got in store for the 2020-21 Club Season:

  • Expanded Facilities - Ignite is moved and our new place still needs to be broken in. We now have 3 full court available, a larger workout area and more space for our players to develop.  
  • Mizuno Sponsorship - Ignite is continuing our partnership with Mizuno USA. That give us the same volleyball performance knowledge that powered the USA National Team for decades upon decades. We're going for a super clean, uniform look so our players have more confidence to take care of business on the court. In addition to more value in our uniform packages, you'll have access throughout the year to sleeves, spandex, shoes, shirts, hats, jackets, sweaters and more--at discount pricing! We're excited for our new swag and can't wait to see players (and parents) in the new gear. 
  • New Coaches, More Experience, Better Instruction - Assistant coaches for every team and added coaches with college and years of high school experience. We're getting better, because we know you want to get better. 

These are just some of the added benefits you'll receive as part of the Ignite community. Get connected and let's build our community one volleyball player at a time!  For more on pricing and Ignite value click here. 

The Registration "What's New for 2020-21" is not currently available.