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What's New for 2018-19

Getting Better Every Year

Added benefits for the 2018-19 Club Season

At Ignite we don't believe in being static. Just like our players improve year after year, Ignite keeps getting better! Check out what we've got in store for the 2018-19 Club Season:

  • Gold Medal Squared Certification - Ignite is now a Gold Medal Certified Club. Not only does that mean consistent instruction across all our teams, but it also means our support network is much wider. GMS is arguably the best coaching methodology in the nation and it's available to all Ignite club players.
  • Recruiting with NCSA and VB Live- Club players are often looking for scholarship opportunities. New for 2018-19, we're providing NCSA accounts for every team 15u and older.  That means recruiting education, college search and matchups, along with direct emails to college coaches. Our players have had great success with NCSA and we're adding this to the services offered for 2018-19. In addition, we've hired a club recruiter that will provide valuable information to parents/families looking to play at the next level, while developing a strategy for find colleges and connecting with coaches. Two great ways that Ignite is furthering a players collegiate opportunities.
  • New Coaches, More Experience, Better Instruction - We've adding more coaches and more assistants for the 2018-19 season. Not only will they provide a wealth of knowledge from their collegiate experiences, but they allow greater coaching depth in all positions. Whether head coach, an assistant or private instructor, you'll be able to benefit from the added knowledge at Ignite.

These are just some of the added benefits you'll receive as part of the Ignite community. Get connected and let's build our community one volleyball player at a time!